by Abbey Sanderson


Welcome to Life Needs Lemons! So excited to meet you! My name is Abbey, I am a recent college graduate and lover of all things food and social media. What better time in my life to start a blog? I want this blog to be a place with a range of recipes for beginners to those with experience in the kitchen! Having just graduated, I know there are tons of people my age just starting out in the “real world” who need help with a kick start in the kitchen. This is my inspiration for Life Needs Lemons! I have helped my friends cooking in the kitchen and now I want to help others!

You might wonder what authority I would have here, writing a food blog, and my answer is simple; I don’t have one. However I believe that recipes can often just be seen as a blueprint for something amazing, and if you have all the basic skills you will be able to make anything and everything.

I have always loved to bake food in the kitchen since I was old enough to help my mom! At the age of four I even decided to make my own recipe (needless to say it did not turn out well lol!)… I even think my mom still has that recipe around here somewhere, don’t worry I wont post it. But that passion for baking and cooking has stuck around ever since!

Life Needs Lemons really came out of my passion to cook and share what I have made with my friends and family. I finally dove into the world of blogging because I want to share with all of you whats happening in my kitchen and life! So I hope you enjoy, and love these recipes as much as I do! My goal for this experience is to just have fun, help others and share my life with you all!

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