by Abbey Sanderson

Savory Breakfast Sandwiches

Savory Breakfast Sandwiches

What a week it has been! I sort of took a week off from cooking since I was in Nashville for a job interview, followed by feeling a strange sick at the end of the week! Nashville was honestly so cool, I am obsessed with all of the live music everywhere, and the people are beyond nice! I could 100% see my selfliving there so fingers crossed. But I’m back in the kitchen and ready to share with you all my absolute favorite brunch item (and it will soon be yours too ;)).

I am currently on the job hunt after taking a few months off post-grad to have surgery and figure out where I want to be (geographically and mentally). It seems as though every week I am in a new city, and I have to say it is pretty great! My dad loves it too because he gets to go with me and see all of these cool places, and it doesn’t hurt that we get to try amazing foods while we are out on the road. I will be honest, these past six months have been rough, but this blog has been a huge help! So thank you for reading, telling me how much you enjoy my recipes thus far, and providing your overall support on this journey for me! 🙂

In the mean time, I have been testing out some of my oldies but goodies on my parents, and I can’t say they object! With still no idea about what I am going to be doing, or where I am going to be I looking back to college favorites have been a true comfort. My senior year in college, my friends/roommates and I would love to put on these parties and brunches where we would cook a bunch offood for our friends and enjoy the day or night! One of the most memorable was our Homecoming Weekend brunch, when we got to cook for all of our friends who came into town, drink champagne and have an all over great time. Having several of these brunches I began to experiment slightly in the food I made, and decided to try my hand at an all-in-one breakfast sandwich.

This sandwich is so easy, you can take it with you to any potluck brunch and people will be begging you for the recipe! What I love the best about it is the fact that it is savory and sweet all at the same time; with eggs, sausage, cheese and a buttery maple syrup glaze. Oh, did I mention it uses King’s Hawaiian Rolls?

Makes 12 sandwiches.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

What you’ll need:

1 package original King’s Hawaiian Rolls

6 eggs

4 Tbsp milk

1 LB ground pork sausage rolls (I use Bob Evans)

6 slices sharp cheddar

4 Tbsp butter (plus one Tbsp to cook the eggs in)

2 Tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp Italian seasoning

dash of salt

dash of pepper


In a pan begin browning sausage over medium heat. In the meantime, scramble 6 eggs with the 4 Tbsp of milk and add the salt, pepper and Italian seasoning. Cook over medium-low heat in a sauce pan with melted butter.

While the eggs and sausage is cooking, begin to cut the rolls in half separating into two sheets (tops and bottoms). Melt the rest of the butter and add the maple syrup, mixing well.

Place in a glass baking dish (big enough for the sheet of rolls). Once everything is cooked, begin to assemble the sandwiches–layering over the sheet of roll bottoms, the eggs then sausage and finally the slices of cheese, add the top sheet of rolls. Pour the butter/syrup mixture over the tops, brushing to make sure all of the tops are covered (you can go ahead and brush the sides too)!

Place in the pre-heated oven for 20 minutes, they will come out a nice golden brown and the cheese will be melted.

Cool, serve and enjoy!

I hope you love this recipe as much as we all do! And remember to subscribe and follow me on IG at @life_needs_lemons.

XOXO Abbey